Monday, May 11

Monday Musings of a Manic Mind

I can not believe that I haven't posted in over a month.


I am a terrible blogger.

I'll get better. Just as soon as we are moved into the boat.

Which will hopefully be next month.

I've been sick this weekend...

No no no not the swine flu..just a cold

But Here are some manic mind musings.


I know many of you want an update on what we've been doing.

Its been a lot!

Many of which you can't see, but for the stuff that you can see. Here are some pictures.

This is what the wind shield and top looked like before we painted it and put a new top on it. 

Here are the after pictures. We had a lot of problems with the paint and the polishing of the aluminum on the sides.
But it's finally done!

This is the teak wood on the outside of the boat. We had to take it off and seal it underneath because it was causing leaks on the inside.
But we got it sanded. It was a really dark grey color before we sanded it.
Oh and don't mind Charlie.. haha

This is one coat of varnish. It looks so good! 
We brought Charlie down to the boat with us. He had so much fun. 
I also had fun with my camera. 

He is my buddy. Travis thinks he loves me more than him now. 
Nah.. but he does love me. 
I am not sure if any of you have come across this problem
but I can not vent on my blog like I would like to.
I have family members and friends and even co workers like read my blog.
But I had this great idea...make an anyonmous blog
that anyone can vent on.
If you would like to participate please e-mail me.
If you want to be a publisher you can contact me there. 
Or if you would like to just write me a vent post you can do so too.
I am not sure how this will go over, but who knows.. it may become popular
let me know what you think... is it a good idea?
I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day.
I am only a mom of a cute little puppy. 
But I love my mom so much. 
I love that woman so much. 
She is amazing. I truly hope I can be just like here when I have kids.
She is my best friend. She always has been.