Saturday, February 28


46 and a half hours....

of working in the costco food court...

for 6 days a week....


Only one day off...

but in other news Travis is taking me out to dinner Saturday Night in celebration of my hard working and loads of money..

oh and check me out here:

She Just Got Married

Monday, February 23

Can I Breathe?

I don't know how you women do it...

Blog, have children, a house, jobs, and a husband

It just boggles my mind.

Sorry I have been so absent.

This yacht has taken up so much of our time!

I have been working non-stop since we got it.

I wake up around 8 go work on it till noon then I go to work till ten.

So busy!
I am so exhausted!

Sanding, ripping wood out, more sanding, tearing staples out....
Its crazy!

But I can not wait until we are all done!

Ladies I will post some more pictures of it soon, we have gutted it quite a bit!

Oh and all you ladies looking for wenda!

She is here!!!

Monday, February 16


I know you have been long awaiting this moment!

Our Yacht pictures!

So our Valentines day consisted of going up to North Seattle, surveying the boat, paying for the boat, then taking the yacht 30 miles to Gig Harbor!

I have to say, all romance aside it was a fantastic Valentine's day.

Travis and I woke up at 7 to shower and get ready to go. When I rolled over to wake him, he had a red rose and card for him!

Lets say AWE in unison!

I gave him his present (which I will do a post of tomorrow) He LOVED it. :D

We opted to not buy presents because of the boat purchase so I made him his present.


The pictures..

Woo Rah!

This is the Living room. It pretty roomy actually!

The Kitchen! Its small, but big enough for me and Travis!

Our Bedroom! We have some reconstructing to do.

Anyway, those are alot of the interior pictures, not all mind you, but a lot.
I didn't post them all because they are hard to understand(like where they are located and such) and they are a horrible looking.

I love the Skyline of Seattle. Its gorgeous huh?

We had so much fun! And Travis LOVED driving the boat!

Pulling into the marina!

Feeling the Love

I just wanted to thank my good friend over at Bee and Rose for my new snazy award.


The Spreader of Love Award.

Oh I feel so lucky to have such wonderful bloggy buddies!

So I feel the need to pass it along to one of my first bloggy friends. Alexis over at Runny Away? I'll Help You Pack. She was one of the first blogs that was Saucy over at SITS (when I joined) and I checked her out. I then became a devoted follower and we've been chatting it up ever since! She actually lives pretty close to me too!

So Travis and I got the yacht on saturday. Happy Valentines to us! Whoo Rah!

Oh it was a beautiful ride from North Seattle to Gig Harbor. I will post pictures and an update here very soon! I also have what I made Travis for Valentines day!

Can we say oooo!

Oh and Thanks to all of you who stuck around during my Saucy week! I hope I got back to you all!

And I got 11 new followers! Wow!  I hope I can keep you all entertained!

I feel nervous....

Sunday, February 15


I am sure many of you, if not all of you have read Mrs. Tara's blog.

I stalk her all the time.


Anyway, she has recently created a blog for her child with special needs; to connect with other families with special needs children.

What an amazing woman.
That she has the strength to not only take care of her beautiful Chloe but to help and teach others about different health conditions and how to cope with them.

A Saintly woman indeed.

But she is a holding a kick-off party for the new website! I would go check out there is a oodles of prizes to be won!

Friday, February 13

ooo another bag..

Can you tell I am addicted?

I just love bags!

i drool over them all the time...

I get envious of women that come into my work with the cutest bags...

because I know sadly they are hundreds of dollars...

but thats when I jump for joy when I see a giveaway for a bag!

Because they are just as cute, if not cuter than the ones I am envious of!

Brandy just had her 100th post!

So she is having a bag giveaway to celebrate! WooRAH!

Wednesday, February 11


Aloha everyone!

A good bloggy buddy whom I have stalked for a while is having a giant giveaway!

Oh man she has some amazing stuff in there

Go check it out and enter! It ends here soon!

Or really you don't have to... I'd rather win anyway...

Tuesday, February 10

I have Joined the Bandwagon...

I friend of mine of Facebook tagged me in this meme.
Can you guess it?

It's 25 random things about myself.
I am confident that no one person knows every one of these. In fact, some of them nobody knew until now.

As to who wants to know them…perhaps stalkers or psychiatrists? Maybe you. That would be cool.

Anyway I think the thing is you tag 25 people, and if I tag you you’re supposed to write one and tag me back, until everyone has posted too many personal things about themselves on the internet.

Awesome. Ok here we go.

1. My first pet was a hamster and his name was Rajah-Little Guy-Free Willy-McNall
Just Little Guy for short.

2. I have lived in 13 different houses (going on 14 with the yacht)

3. I will work out for like a week, not see any results, then give up.

4.My hair is naturally blond!

5. In middle school I starting writing my own book. (It still haunts me to finish it)

6.I still have to count using "touch points" on numbers.

7. I can NOT sound out words to save my life. I struggle with it very often.

8. I have a stutter. (I try to hide it a lot, but it still pops up when I get excited or nervous)

9. I loved working at Victoria's Secret. I got 7 free bras for the 6 months I worked there!

10.I never planned my wedding when I was younger.

11. I want to be a photography, but I need better equipment. I am hoping that me doing this Project 365 will hint to my Hubby that I would like a new/better camera.

12. I used to HATE pink, now..
its my favorite color.

13. I have this thing with consistency and food... if it tastes fine but its too mushy or stringy or gross feeling in my mouth..I. Will. Not. Eat. It.

LOLcat Break!


14. My mom is my best friend.

15. I never want to be famous...just rich.

16. I can't do my hair..its either up in a pony, straight or curled... I have yet to master the art of doing hair..if I have girls their hair is going to look horrible...

17. My little brother was adopted. You'd never know looking at him he looks just like the rest of us.

18. I hate the moms that let their daughters where make-up when they are like 11 or 12.

19. The only reason I feel safe staying at home alone is because Charlie is normally here with me.

20. I love to dress up and wear high heels..even if its to go to the grocery store.

21. I have eaten BEEF TONGUE and a CHICKEN HEART

22. I have never broken any bones

23. I am still in contact with my First Grade Teacher- Mrs. Walton. I sent her a wedding invitation. She is an amazing woman.

24. When I laugh, I cry.

25. I think its gross when older women have braces.. (like women in their 40s and 50s)

There you go

Now I am not going to tag anyone.. cause well, if you want to do it you can. I am not going to make you and this ones has been passed around so much I am not sure who has done it.

Project 365 Day 27-40

I am so sorry I have been lacking in the Project 365 department...

I feel so honored to have 6 more followers! I hope I can make you laugh and smile.

Welcome to my little corner of the Blogging world! I need to be better at blogging at least every other day.

I need to keep you all entertained.

Day 27
This is a chicken weather vein that my husband stole when he was younger.
His mom wanted it so he stole it. Funny story.
Day 28
Yeah I work at Costco
and I get to wear this sweet hat.
Day 29
See that water:
yeah its frozen..
Day 30
I love rust

Day 31
This vine caught my eye from across a parking lot

Day 32
My sweet little truck
Day 33
Beauty in is age
Day 34
This tree is growing out of the old tree stump.
Day 35
My husband calls me his Peck Peck
so he bought me this chicken.

Day 36
I have no words.
Day 37
I love moss..
Day 38
Calligraphy: my other passion.
Day 39
Under cover for the winter...
its my father in laws dozer

Day 40
Dumb Dumb's paw prints... all over Travis' V-day card...

Oh man and grab my button if you'd like.

It's on the left column!!

I made it myself.
Yes I has them...

Sunday, February 8

I'm Saucy!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow!

I just checked my e mail and someone commented on my blog saying "Congrats on being Saucy.."

And I was like what?

Then I was like what?!

Then I clicked over to SITS

and there I was...

On the Dang ole' Saucy List!

Thank you Sistas!

I better get to updating my blog more since I will have some more visitors here soon.

WHOO RAH!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and this week keeps getting better and better!

Saturday, February 7

Can life get better than this? I submit that it can not!

Oh man

So thank you for all your crossed fingers and toes!!

They helped SO much!



Travis and I are so excited.

We have a house. ( well a boat but somewhere to live)

I can not wait to decorate it. And clean it.

It needs a lot of TLC, but it'll be so worth it!

Thank you all for your hopeful wishes! They were heard!

Oh we are so happy!!!!!!!!!

oooo handbags...

Oh man If you LOVE bags just as much as I do...

Forget purses...

GIVE ME A BAG or satchel

Anyway this sweet lady whom I just discovered is hosting a giveaway for Satchel Studios.
Oh man they are cute!

Go check out her blog and enter..
or not

it gives me a better chance of winning... HA!

Just kidding I love you girls.

Friday, February 6

Dumb Dumb

Oh man I had to blog about this.

I am so infuriated.

So I had my first ladies doctor's apointment this morning. Everything went really well. I was super worried because of my family history. But she assured me I am as normal as anyone can get.

Anyway Travis and I live up in a loft in the garage. We don't have a lock on our door and it doesn't shut. ( no door nob)

So normally if we are going out we put a board up on the stairs so Charlie doesn't get in. Well since my doctor's appointment was at 9 this morning I figured I would only be gone for like 2 hours... yeah no didn't happen that way... I had to wait for my prescription, then go to Costco to get some stuff the Doc told me to get...then Mary and I got lunch...

So its 1 o clock now... a little longer than a expected.

We come home.. and there it is... a pile of candy bar wrappers. Hersey's, and reeses. Charlie apparently not only went into our room but got into our stash of candy...


He has NEVER done that. He normally just goes in there to look for us. Nope not this time... he terriorizes it in there.

My scrapbooking stuff was on the floor so now there are dirty little paw prints on my paper and on the letters I was writing my family and friends! I can not believe that dog!

He is supposed to be smart. He is a German Shephard for pitty's sake!

Nope he is now the Dumb Dumb Shepherd...

Ugh...makes me so mad..

Oh and he should be fine with that chocolate... he's eaten more than that in one sitting.... He is a tank and milk chocolate isn't as bad as pure coca...

Thursday, February 5

SITS giveaway!

Oh man they are giving away more free stuff!

Can you believe that?!

oh boy.. and its bed sheets! We can so use new sheets!

Go check it out if your a SITSas.

Even if your not join their community!

Cross Your Fingers

So I'm terribly sorry I have been so absent recently. With Project 365 and other posts. I need to be a better blogger.

Anyway there are have been other exciting and stressful things going on right now.

And since this is pretty much a sisterhood of bloggers I will tell you.

Travis and I are moving out.

Now no cheers quite yet.

We are in process of looking.

But we have recently found a yacht.

We are NOT crazy.

We live right by the water. Pudget Sound

Travis and I have talked about it a lot we decided that an apartment is not for us. We like to entertain and we believe that this boat will be one of the best means to do that.
There are of course other factors in our decsion making, but we won't go into the countless ones.

Anyway we looked at our dream yacht yesterday but it was full of dry rot. Which is really really bad for a big wood boat. We are surprised that it was even floating.

Travis and I decided that if we wanted a boat we wouldn't be able to get a wood boat. They have a life span. And the ones we can afford are in the 50's and 60's anything newer is in the millions. kind of crazy. 

We agreed on fiberglass. I mean its plastic... kind of hard for it rot. And we found one!
Its amazing. 
42' 1967 Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander

It'd be perfect for just the two of us. 
Plus some company.
We figure that since we are young enough this will be a fun adventure. Something to look back on and think Wow we did this. We lived on a boat for a few years.
We are very excited
Travis is calling him today. 
Cross your fingers. 
We need to get out.