Friday, April 10

The Engagement Story- MHRF

It's that time again!

To dive a little deeper into my love story.

I love this blog Carnival.

It makes me so happy.

Today I will tell you about Travis and mine's engagement story.
Its actually kind of funny with a very romantic twist.

I was going to school up at BYU-Idaho at the time Travis and I were dating. He lived in Utah and he would travel to see me at least every other week.
I know what a sweetie huh?

It was the beginning of December and he had just recently quite his job at CycleGear. He was trying to find some work and had a friend that could get him some construction jobs on the side until he found something.

Now this weekend I begged him to come, I was having a rough time up at school and I needed my honey. He told me that he would try but made no guarantees because of the work he might be getting.

At the last minute he called me and said Spud didn't have any work for that weekend so he could come up and see me. I was so excited.
I hadn't seen him in like two or three weeks.

He came up, in the snow and the ice.

He got there early in the morning on Friday morning.
So I skipped all my classes and we spent the day in Idaho Falls.
Idaho Falls had the mall and all the restaurants. It was about 30 minutes from my school.

We went to the mall and we actually spent over 6 hours in the book store.
It was an amazing 6 hours. We read joke books and the LOLcat books.
And books about Nirvina.
It was a fantastic day.
Then, he got a call while we were giggling and browsing.
He didn't tell me who called at first.
He just asked me if I was hungry.

Of course I was!

We found the best Japanese place right by the mall and had wonderful sushi.

At dinner he told me who called.
It was Spud.
He had a job for him to do and he needed him there for the next morning.
I was heartbroken. I had only got to be with him for day.
Granted it was a fantastic day but it was only one day when I hadn't seen him in 2 or 3 weeks.

He told me that he was sorry, but he had to go.
He drove me back to the dorms.
Kissed me goodbye and he was off.

It was a blizzard outside. I was so nervous for him to go.

Now since the semester was almost over at school we had white glove inspection.
I had neglected my duties for cleaning because I had been out with Travis.
I had to go and be cinderella and clean the bathroom.
I was so angry.
I had to scrub the floor, the toliets and the tub.
It had been over an hour since Travis had left and I still wasn't done.

Then one of my roomates came in and said that she had to use the bathroom.
I was furious! Really? She wanted to use the bathroom after I had scrubbed it?

I wasn't in the mood to agrue so I went and sat myself down on the couch to mope some more.

When there was a knock on our door.

I opened it.

And there was Travis standing in the snow.

I was speechless.

He said, I am tired of saying goodbye.
Then he got down on one knee.
And asked me to be his wife.

I jumped on him and said yes.
Travis then asked me if I had forgotten something..

I had forgotten to put my ring on.
I didn't care about the ring
I had him.

I was overjoyed.

My roommates had been in on it the whole time. 
She had planned to go into the bathroom at that time so I would have to answer the door. 

What a smart man...

Tuesday, April 7

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Something to stimulate my random mind!

I truly am random but I just don't have the time to do posts on them all.

I stole this from Alexis who she doesn't know who she stole it from but I found the Brain Child behind Random Thought Tuesday

The UnMom
I love her blog! Its so cute!

  • Why do people stand in line for 10 minutes get up to my register, then say Ummm..Ummm... What do you have? Really? You didn't see the giant posters with everything we offer?
  • I have noticed that very coughlargecough women and men come in and say I NEED I NEED.... NO you do not need anything from this menu!
  • Why did I spend over 5 hours on my boat without any sun screen?
  • Why is the one day I don't put the shock collar on my dog he runs across the street into the woods to bark at things all night?
  • Why do people constantly talk to me like I am deaf or stupid when they order their food? I get paid almost 12 dollars an hour.. it is not McDonalds.

Sorry this isn't more creative..maybe next week.. haha :D

Friday, April 3

My Love Story- MHRF

Oh yes he does!

I simply love this Idea from Katy Lin

Marriage has gotten a bad wrap.

I mean have you seen those billboards in Chicago?

Its terrible.

Anyway KatyLin started this blog carnival for fridays.

Read how it got started Here

"My Husband Rocks!"- Fridays

I love the idea. So I am going to try and participate every friday because well...

I love my hubby!


Travis and I have been married for a few months shy of a year. He is an amazing and patient man.
This is the story on how my life became a love story.

A good friend of mine from high school worked in a motorcycle shop called Cycle Gear. I would always go and visit him from time to time. (it was on my way to work) Cameron was one of my first good friends when I moved to Utah my junior year of high school. I felt out of place and alone and Cameron kind of took me under his wing and introduced me to a lot of his friends. Anyway we've been close every since. (no romantic interest at all)

This one day I go into the shop to visit Cameron. And a guy comes in and we kind of chat for a bit but I had to leave shortly after. Now I didn't think anything of this conversation and a few minutes after I had left Cameron texted me asking me if I wanted to go on a date with him. Now this guy I talked too looked fairly older than me. So I asked him how old he was... Cameron said 29! I told him no way would I go out with someone 11 years my senior! (I was 18 at the time)

He laughed it off and said okay but then asked if I wanted to go on a date with his Manager. Now when I think of manager I think like 30s or 40s too! So I was skeptical at first but then Cameron told me he was 21. Okay I could totally handle that!

Now I had never met this man.


I had never been on a blind date. I was so nervous

And on top of all that, our first date I was on the back his motorcycle.

So Travis picked me up on his motorcycle.

I had never been on a motorcycle either. Travis even brought me my own helmet. After our first date he actually went out and bought me my own helmet!

On our first date was when I knew he was different from other guys. He knew I was super nervous about riding so at one point he picks up some speed and he gently(not creepy like or anything) placed his hand on my back and pulled me closer to him. He made me feel so safe. I didn't think any man could ever do that for me. (right before we met I just got out of a super abusive relationship)

We've been together ever since.

Stayed tuned till next friday when I share some more juicy insights of my married life.

Until then.

Have many speechless moments.

Thursday, April 2

My spoils!

I am sorry this has taken me so long to post!

But I wanted to wait until I got everything in Mail. So i could take my happy pictures with my spoils!

Over the past few months that I have been seriously blogging I have won 6 different bloggy giveaways!

I know holy cow right?

And Travis thinks this is a silly past time... HA

 Now when I first started blogging. I entered into my first giveaway ever and I won!!! Now I never took the time to thank this person so here it is on this post. I am so sorry this is so late!

I won the Love Actually DVD!

Thank you Kat from Sunshine and Lemonade

So during the SITS spring fling I won 2 giveaways! Woohoo
I didn't even enter that many!

So I won the most adorable pair of earrings and necklace! They are cupcakes!!
Thank you Suzi from"> Pink Vanilla Cupcakes

The second giveaway I won from SITS spring fling was the Little Mermaid Ariel's Beginning.
Thank you Cammie! Life in the House of No Sleep

Now I have a fantastic bloggy friend Alexis. She always holds giveaways! And me just being a good friend and supporting her I enter! And I won the most wonderful giveaway yet!
I gift package from Eden Fantasys!! Oh man Travis and I were very excited!

Thank you Alexis from Running Away? I'll Help You Pack

Then there is this website that does a giveaway a day. I always enter and I think I I am bound to win eventually... haha
And I did.
I won two tickets to go to a show in Utah. I am glad I have family there
So I sent them to my momma and my grandma so they can go.

The lastest giveaway I won was a Honey Kix Cereal gift set!
Now I didn't win intially but because the person who orginally won didn't contact her, I was the next person drawn!

Woo hoo

Now I LOVE cereal and I CAN NOT wait to try it!!!

Thank You Linda from My Trendy Tykes