Tuesday, August 30

In recent news....

That I'd update you real fast....


We have been working on it for the past couple of months and its almost ready for us to move in!

Pictures to come on the blog soon but for now, here is the link to the facebook album.


Monday, June 20

All Those Yesterdays

I know I'm young

I know I haven't seen my share of life

I know that more is to come

This blog is dedicated to my friends that have taken their lives in the past couple years and for the ones that their hearts were too big that God couldn't let them live.

Zeak, Whitney, and Bo

 This was a date that I went on with Bo. (He's in the red)

I feel like you were stolen. That I'll find you soon, that you're not really gone. That I can still hear your laughter, your voice.

I'm worried I won't remember it for much long. 

Zeak, and Bo were easier because of the distance, but I shouldn't say it was easier just more surreal. I don't miss them any less.

Whitney, yours was hard to deal with. I am lucky I had my dear sweet husband to lean on; to cry on. You disappeared for a month, I was hoping you had just ran off to Mexico or Cali. But I knew that wasn't it. My heart broke for you. You are loved by so many. Your memorial service was packed, your friends stood out in the rain to be close to you for one last time, even if they couldn't hear your mom, dad and sister speak. Just prior to you disappearing we had just pulled an all nighter at Costco making pumpkin pies! I had picked you up and we jammed out to Ke$ha in the parking lot. Despite working Midnight to 8:30 am we had a blast. You made it easier.   

I swear I can still hear your laughter, sometimes I turn around just to see.

Whitney, I love you.

Zeak, you were taken too soon, we weren't ready. ( I won't say that you weren't because maybe they needed you too) We love you.

Bo, I only knew you for two years, you were my Student Body President, we went on a date. You were a wonderful man.

This is a poem I wrote years ago. I will share it with you now.


Dip below the horizon, feel the breeze
Let the angles graze your skin, feel the love
Let time fly past you, feel it freeze
Sleepless roads drive you to madness and above

Write your name in the timeless sky
Free fall to the world you used to know
Speak to me in riddles or just lie
Let the storm make you bend and bow

It’s always raining here in the dark
Time and place slip through the delicate cracks
Hold onto light as the morning lark
My love, can you give me what you lack?

Traces of time never end here
Let hope, love, and life take steer

Friday, May 13

My husband Rocks Friday!

I love this man so much.

We started taking dance lessons last winter and it has been the best thing for our relationship. I have learned to listen better and to just relax.

I tell people that we have dancing on Thursday nights and they look at me and say " How did you get your husband to go with you?" And I say, "He was the one that suggested it."

If you can get your husband to go, I highly suggest it.

He supports me in everything I do. 

 Our three year anniversary is coming up and I am so excited because we will be in our house! Our own home; together; to start a family.

I can not wait to start a family with this man. Our children are going to have a wonderful, loving, smart, funny, compassionate, and supportive father.

 He tells me all the time the things he plans on doing with them, which makes me the happiest of all.

He always makes me smile and laugh. 
We have the same sense of humor, which is awesome. I hate when I am at work or grocery shopping without him and I see something that would make us both crack up and he isn't there to share it with me. I have to try to to remember it so I can tell him later.

He makes he get off my butt and do stuff!

I have always been a home-body, since I was little. I never wanted to go and play outside, just sit and read, color, or make a puzzle. But this man, has hobbies! Dirt Bikes, and boating and camping! Oh the adventures we have! 

I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Monday, May 9

Back In Business?

Absent yet again…
And a lot has been going on….

We sold the boat! 
And currently living with the in-laws, but the end justifies the means

I know I said that wasn’t in our plans for awhile but we had a change of heart.

With everything we have here (our jobs, family and friends) we’ve decided to stick around western Washington and not move to eastern Washington, at least not in the near future. We are extremely happy with our decision.

We are even in the process of purchasing a house!

A house! I am SO excited to have my own nest! I can decorate till my heart’s content; we can do things our way instead of worrying about resale. This is going to be ours; a home.

The house we are in the process of getting is in need of some love, nothing major just some paint, landscaping, carpet and so on.  Would you expect anything less from us afterwe overhauled the boat?

I have missed blogging so much; I’ve missed the stalking and the love.

For those of you that have watched the progression of the boat here are the final pictures.
Photo Dump! 

Tuesday, February 1


Hey everyone, I am so sorry its been so long.
I am sure no one follows me anymore because I have been so absent. Almost a full year!
But for those of you that do, thank you.

I will try to be a better blogger! Hopefully we will get internet on the boat here soon. Cross your fingers.

Yes, we are still living on the boat.

We are still afloat, and well. We are hoping to sell it though this summer. We are burnt out living on it. We want room, a house, a family.

A lot has happend over the year, we took the boat out of the water last July and painted the bottom.

This is before:

And this is after:

Travis took me to the Seattle Aquarium for my birthday in November!

For Christmas Travis got me my first pair of Designer shoes!
Coach baby!!!

For New Year's we went to Seattle Center again!

Oh and last year I became a CAKE DECORATOR!!! I am so so so happy!

So for the most part, we've gotten caught up!

And little did you know, I've stalked you all on my hiatus!