Monday, August 25

Honeymoon :D

So I know its been a while since our honeymoon but I know some of you wanted to see pictures.

Travis and I had a wonderful honeymoon. We cruised down Highway 101 through oregon and northern california. We had so much fun. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in Seaside oregon called The Gilbert Inn:

After that we went to Cannon Beach. I've never seen ANYTHING like it. You should've seen me hang out the window in the blazer like a little kid seeing christmas morning for the first time!

After that we went sit seeing on our way down to our next stop :D

This was our next stop. Camping! This picture was taken just a stroll away from our campsite. We had so much fun!Then we saw a sign for a "walk-through safari" and I looked at Travis and he said that we had time to do that! So here are a few of the wonderful pictures from that safari.

I got to hold a baby black panther. It was so cute!

This is a baby wallaby! It felt like a baby rabbit!
Our next camping spot was in the middle of the redwood forest. It was called Grizzly creek. It was so amazing.

Friday, August 15

Lucky Me

So I have been thinking lately, how lucky I am.
I have a wonderful husband, who loves me and takes such good care of me. He treats me like a princess. I never thought in a million years I would find someone like him.
I truly do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
We are in a hard time in our life now, because we are still living with his parents and are in the process of building our first house. We want to move out but at the same time we need to save money and we can't do that while trying to afford an apartment here in Washington. But I know we will survive this time in our lives. I couldn't live without him.

Anyway thats whats been on my mind. :D

Sunday, August 10

I am an Aunt now

So next saturday is my Nephew's 1st birthday. I am so excited. I still can't believe I am an aunt. He is the sweetest little kid I've ever met. His heart is full of gold, and his soul is just so old. When you look in his eyes, it looks like your looking at an 80 year old man. He looks so wise. I can tell he is going to be a wonderful person when he grows up.

My hubby comes home tonight from Spokane. We are building our first house there, its going to be so awesome. But its going to take some time, so in the mean time we are staying with my husband's parents. Its a little stressful at times, but I hope I can make it for another year or so.

Saturday, August 9

More Pictures

Wedding Pictures

Here are just a few for now :D

First blog as a Married Woman

So as many of you know I am married now :D
I've never had a blog before but I thought might as well have one now... haha

I love being married. It is the best feeling in the world; know you will never be lonely again.

So my husband went to Spokane again this weekend. We are building our first and dream house there. I wish I can go with him but I have to work every weekend. I try to get it off but no one wants to switch with me.

Its so frustrating because I always switch with people but in turn no one ever wants to switch with me.