Friday, January 15

Back in Business!

Wow, everyone its been way too long!

We finally have wireless internet for the boat!

So as an update, I will post some progress pictures of the interior of the boat.

Life has been great on here on the boat so far. A lot of rain but no snow thankfully!

Charlie has been loving boat life. He is a very lazy dog! He sleeps on his bed all day, don’t get me wrong he loves his walks but he would much rather be inside sleeping with people all day, then outside without the people. Very odd dog, but we love him regardless.

I have recently become obsessed with Lady GaGa. I know she is crazy but her music is so unique! I was really hesitant at first to like her because I thought she was going to be like every other “pop” star.

I am still working at Costco, almost been two years now! I can’t believe it’s been that long. I hoping to get out of the Food Court soon and maybe go to membership.

I hope everything is going good for everyone else! I have missed you all quite a bit.

To my blog family, I am back in business!!