Thursday, May 27

Some Thursday Musing

Howdy everyone, its been awhile!

Work has been crazy, and so has boat life!

We are getting ready to pull the boat out of the water to paint the bottom and the hull. The weather around here has not been nice! I think Washington is beautiful but this weather! Oh my! One minute its sunny, the next its pouring down rain! We can't get any of our prep work done! Cross your fingers that we can get this hunk painted and this monkey off our back!


So i switched jobs for a couple months, instead of the food court, I was doing the morning stocking. I had to be at work at 5:15! It was hard getting up at 4:00 am! But I got accustomed to it pretty fast, so I got home around 2:00 or so.

Let me tell you what I got some pretty good pictures of the happenings in the Harbor!

I love this old man and his dog, who row around the harbor all day!

I just thought this was the neatest boat!


My mother-in-law made my husband and I the most gorgeous quilt as a "boat warming" present. She spent a few weeks working on it and surprised me with it in March. I love it! 

This is the back, she always names and signs them.


I know easter was a while ago, but i had to put some pictures of my wonderful nephews on here!
We went to my sister-in-laws church, then went over for brunch!

I was trying to get a picture with Joseph but he was too busy playing video games with my brother-in-law Steve.


I hope everyone is having a good start to their summer!!

Wednesday, May 5

Going Bye Bye...

Not me!  no worries I am not going anywhere

But my doggie Charlie loves to go Bye Bye in the Corvette...

I've been wanting to drive the Vette to work, but we haven't been able to because of Charlie, but we have a solution!

A Quilt! I don't know why I didn't think of that before!

So now he is loving it!

He does get a little bored waiting for school buses though...