Friday, January 3

San Juan Cruise

Wow, its been way too long! I know i keep saying that year after year but this time I am serious!

I think we may be back in business!
Then again....Life always tends to get in the way now doesn't it...

So a lot has been going on, but I wont bore you with old news! I want to share Travis and mine trip to the San Juan Islands! We took our 22 foot Shamrock fishing boat, all the way from Port Orchard Washington to Stuart Island (up by the Canadian border) It was about a 5 hour cruise and on our way up we saw a grey whale and ton of porpoises)

Travis and I spend an entire week up there. We camped out and lived out of a cooler the entire time. I could not have asked for a better vacation!

One of the main reasons we took this trip up to the San Juan Islands instead of going to Hawaii or Mexico was because I love orcas. I have ever since I was little, I thought (and still do) think they are the most majestic and beautiful creatures.

Well we had spent the entire week up there and were supposed to be heading home the following morning and still hadn't seen any Orcas. I wont say that i wasnt slightly disappointed, but we did have an amazing time none the less! Well on our way back to Snug Harbor (to refuel and shower) There they were the resident pod! There were at lease 20-30 of them! It was amazing to see the moms and the babies and the bull males protecting and hunting!

So after we saw the pod off hunting we stopped in a nearby cove to anchor and have lunch. We brought our kayak along on this trip and decided to go paddle out to where the whales were (there looked like to be some cool little caverns). As we were leaving the cove, another pod (or could've been the same one) came upon us! They surrounded us, we quickly pulled in our paddles so not hit one on accident.

These pictures should have never happened. After the whales had left, a boat came up to us ( i panicked thinking it was NOAA) and asked if we were the couple in the kayak. We said yes and the one of the men on the boat (it turned out to be a whale watching group) said he had some pictures that we might like to see. I gave him my email and these amazing once in a lifetime pictures showed up in my inbox. I could not have been happier!

We had such an amazing adventure! We are planning on doing it again this year. Although it probably wont be as epic, but hey you never know!