Wednesday, July 22

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Greetings new followers. Thank you for all the warm wishings and sweet comments on my Featured Blog day.
You all are too kind.

I hope you stick with me, this will be a fun journey.
I am still trying to comment on everyone else's blog who came to visit me. I will get to you.



  1. Im going to need a warning the next time you post a picture of a relative to the goose mmmkay?

  2. You're blog is beautiful! Love the pictures :)

    We like a lot of the same books! Lol...except Wicked. I know its good but it gave me "wicked" nightmares when I was preggo last year. :P

  3. Beautiful photos! Hope you enjoyed your SITS day!

    I'm giving away a book!

  4. You're blog is beautiful! Love the pictures :)

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