Tuesday, April 7

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Something to stimulate my random mind!

I truly am random but I just don't have the time to do posts on them all.

I stole this from Alexis who she doesn't know who she stole it from but I found the Brain Child behind Random Thought Tuesday

The UnMom
I love her blog! Its so cute!

  • Why do people stand in line for 10 minutes get up to my register, then say Ummm..Ummm... What do you have? Really? You didn't see the giant posters with everything we offer?
  • I have noticed that very coughlargecough women and men come in and say I NEED I NEED.... NO you do not need anything from this menu!
  • Why did I spend over 5 hours on my boat without any sun screen?
  • Why is the one day I don't put the shock collar on my dog he runs across the street into the woods to bark at things all night?
  • Why do people constantly talk to me like I am deaf or stupid when they order their food? I get paid almost 12 dollars an hour.. it is not McDonalds.

Sorry this isn't more creative..maybe next week.. haha :D


  1. lol! Because your dog isn't stupid and he KNEW he didn't have his shock collar on! ;)

  2. I just had a chicken bake yesterday and thought of you. I was very nice to the lady :). No I needs, because girl you know this butt really doesn't. Hey I didn't get the frozen yogurt like I wanted! LOL

  3. I think it would help me to get some of my frustrations down on paper too!


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