Monday, May 9

Back In Business?

Absent yet again…
And a lot has been going on….

We sold the boat! 
And currently living with the in-laws, but the end justifies the means

I know I said that wasn’t in our plans for awhile but we had a change of heart.

With everything we have here (our jobs, family and friends) we’ve decided to stick around western Washington and not move to eastern Washington, at least not in the near future. We are extremely happy with our decision.

We are even in the process of purchasing a house!

A house! I am SO excited to have my own nest! I can decorate till my heart’s content; we can do things our way instead of worrying about resale. This is going to be ours; a home.

The house we are in the process of getting is in need of some love, nothing major just some paint, landscaping, carpet and so on.  Would you expect anything less from us afterwe overhauled the boat?

I have missed blogging so much; I’ve missed the stalking and the love.

For those of you that have watched the progression of the boat here are the final pictures.
Photo Dump! 

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