Friday, May 13

My husband Rocks Friday!

I love this man so much.

We started taking dance lessons last winter and it has been the best thing for our relationship. I have learned to listen better and to just relax.

I tell people that we have dancing on Thursday nights and they look at me and say " How did you get your husband to go with you?" And I say, "He was the one that suggested it."

If you can get your husband to go, I highly suggest it.

He supports me in everything I do. 

 Our three year anniversary is coming up and I am so excited because we will be in our house! Our own home; together; to start a family.

I can not wait to start a family with this man. Our children are going to have a wonderful, loving, smart, funny, compassionate, and supportive father.

 He tells me all the time the things he plans on doing with them, which makes me the happiest of all.

He always makes me smile and laugh. 
We have the same sense of humor, which is awesome. I hate when I am at work or grocery shopping without him and I see something that would make us both crack up and he isn't there to share it with me. I have to try to to remember it so I can tell him later.

He makes he get off my butt and do stuff!

I have always been a home-body, since I was little. I never wanted to go and play outside, just sit and read, color, or make a puzzle. But this man, has hobbies! Dirt Bikes, and boating and camping! Oh the adventures we have! 

I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him.


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