Thursday, October 2

Holidays and birthdays

So since Travis and I started our new jobs we have no vacation time. Its awful because I am dying to spend time with my family. But I think I am just going to spend time with them about a week before christmas, which I am really excited about. I am just sad that Travis can't come. Costco is a little more easygoing about having time off then Travis' work.

I love my family so much! I can't wait to see my little brother! He just had to get contacts, he must look so adorable.

It was Travis' birthday a few weeks ago and we went to the museum of flight in Seattle and it was so much fun. He got to see his favorite airplane- F4U Corsair. As soon as I get the pictures from my card onto a CD ( my card driver is broken on my laptop) I will post some pictures.

EDIT: I finally fixed my card driver in my computer! Yeah!


  1. Looking forward to the photos. :)

    Glad you'll have some time off before Christmas.

  2. Hi Shalee, our husbands have something in common. Kirby is fascinated by airplanes too. There is a museum in McMinnville, OR that he enjoyed, maybe Travis would too.
    Speaking of holidays, if you have Thanksgiving off and would like to come to dinner we would love to have you and Travis.
    Love ya, Aunt Debbi


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