Monday, October 27

Long Days; Short Nights

Travis' parents were out town for almost two weeks. Oh it was so wonderful for Travis and I to get a break. Mary is so negative all the time, its hard to be around her. Anyway while they were away Travis was able to work on our mini speed boat we are restoring.

When we got it I was so worried because it looked like a lot of work; too much work if you ask me!
As you can see it needs a lot of work and time.

Travis finally got the bottom half painted. Oh it looks amazing! We had to take it apart to to able to paint it how we want.
My poor husband has painted that boat over 3 times to try and get it perfect. We don't have a painting booth here so he had to paint it in the garage. Needless to say that was a very bad idea. Bugs galore got into it, and the insulation fell into it as well. We had to sand off the paint and the shiny coat, twice. And the third time was a charm!

Travis and I both work during the day many times opposite schedules. He has the same schedule every day, 7-3:30. And I work crazy times. Most days I work 1:30-10:00. Its awful.
We never have the day together and our nights are much too short because he wants to go to bed soon after i get home from work at night.
I can't wait until we get our own place. We need it.


  1. oh, I hope you guys get your won place soon. That must be awful.

  2. I hear ya. RJ and I did that for a while. I would go to work before eight and not get off until 4:30, and then RJ wouldn't even go to work until 2:30 and work until like 11, or later. it was lame, but you'll make it through. :)

  3. Relationships with in laws are difficult, aren't they? I can totally relate.


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