Tuesday, October 14

A new job and hobbies

So I have been wanting to get out of the costco food court for a while. There is SO much drama and I am allergic to all of the cleaning agents so I break out with Psoriasis all over my arms and wrists. Its very uncomfortable and hurts a lot. So i've been looking at the job postings in the break room and few weeks ago I saw one for the Photo Lab!! Yeah! I was so excited, so I applied and come to find out I was the only person that applied so I got it.
I found out today though, that it was only supossed to be seasonal... HA they are not sending me back into the food court after the holidays! I will fight it because the application never said it was going to be seasonal.
Anyway Travis said that I needed a Hobby so I found one. Scrapbooking! I am very excited to get started with our life together in pictures and a book.
So thats what is new.... :D


  1. I love scrapbooking!!! when my school gets out we'll have to spend a day scrapbooking...and then going happy cupcake! :) lol.

  2. Me too!! Thats all ive been doing all summer while nathan is working, is scrapbooking :) Hope married life is fun! Talk to you soon. Love Ya!


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