Monday, October 27

Long Days; Short Nights

Travis' parents were out town for almost two weeks. Oh it was so wonderful for Travis and I to get a break. Mary is so negative all the time, its hard to be around her. Anyway while they were away Travis was able to work on our mini speed boat we are restoring.

When we got it I was so worried because it looked like a lot of work; too much work if you ask me!
As you can see it needs a lot of work and time.

Travis finally got the bottom half painted. Oh it looks amazing! We had to take it apart to to able to paint it how we want.
My poor husband has painted that boat over 3 times to try and get it perfect. We don't have a painting booth here so he had to paint it in the garage. Needless to say that was a very bad idea. Bugs galore got into it, and the insulation fell into it as well. We had to sand off the paint and the shiny coat, twice. And the third time was a charm!

Travis and I both work during the day many times opposite schedules. He has the same schedule every day, 7-3:30. And I work crazy times. Most days I work 1:30-10:00. Its awful.
We never have the day together and our nights are much too short because he wants to go to bed soon after i get home from work at night.
I can't wait until we get our own place. We need it.

Thursday, October 16

Dreams are like movies; Memories are Films About Ghosts

It is a rare occasion that Travis have days off together. Yesterday was one of those days. Since Travis' parents are out of town we decided to have some fun.
So Travis is restoring and hot rodding a old 55' GMC truck. Its going to look so amazing. Now many people don't this but 55' GMC's have hood birds. It is an amazing little car ornament:
Anyway he got it Chromed a few weeks ago and that was our first stop on our wonderful day. It turned out awesome. ( this is not the actual picture of ours)
After we picked up the misc. chrome pieces we decieded to go to Seattle. It was such a wonderful day (sunny but cold), nice enough to go walking around Pike Place Market.
I have never seen any place so adorable. What a wonderful place! I have never seen so many cute and quant shops. We definalty didn't have time to look at them all. But I know we will be back.We walked around for a few hours and then I saw it! The infamous fish throwers! Haha They weren't throwing any fish when I took the pictures but it was neat to see them all there.

Since Pike Place closed at 6 we needed to find a place to eat. After staring at all the fish booths all day, we were both in the mood for Sushi. I hadn't been looking for places to eat, but Travis had been ( thank goodness for his stomach) and he saw a lovely Japanese and Sushi restaruant.
Dinner was wonderful! We were stuffed!
When we left the restaruant it was raining....a day in Seattle would not be complete without rain.
We were grateful that it did not rain earlier.

Our day was wonderful. I love my husband.

Tuesday, October 14

A new job and hobbies

So I have been wanting to get out of the costco food court for a while. There is SO much drama and I am allergic to all of the cleaning agents so I break out with Psoriasis all over my arms and wrists. Its very uncomfortable and hurts a lot. So i've been looking at the job postings in the break room and few weeks ago I saw one for the Photo Lab!! Yeah! I was so excited, so I applied and come to find out I was the only person that applied so I got it.
I found out today though, that it was only supossed to be seasonal... HA they are not sending me back into the food court after the holidays! I will fight it because the application never said it was going to be seasonal.
Anyway Travis said that I needed a Hobby so I found one. Scrapbooking! I am very excited to get started with our life together in pictures and a book.
So thats what is new.... :D

Wednesday, October 8

Downtown and Sweet Nephews

Tuesday was a wonderful day. It has been super rainy here lately and I've been unable to do a whole lot of things outside. Since I just moved here with Travis I don't have a lot of friends, the ones I do have work in the food court with me and we don't have corresponding days off. Anyway I thought it would be fun to spend my day off with my sister-in-law and her two wonderful boys.

So I went over there around 11 when Henry was waking up from his morning nap and to pick up Joesph from preschool.
After I surprised Joesph we went to downtown tacoma. Our first stop was lunch. We were all starving; Heidi and I were in the mood for a little Cafe. We found the perfect cafe on the corner of the street:

After lunch we were all in the mood for a little desert. So we stopped by Heidi and the boy's favorite cupcake shop. Happy Cupcake. If you ever get a chance to roam downtown tacoma I highly recommend this boutique. It was a cupcake frenzy;the boys had more on their face than in their stomachs. After that fiasco we took a ride on the train. It is Joesph's favorite! We went up and down the avenue, to pass the time Henry and I played peek-a-boo over the seats.

After a long day for the boys it was nap time for the boys so we rode the train one more time back to our car.
Needless to say I had a wonderful day with my nephews and my sister in law.

I love them so much.

Thursday, October 2

Holidays and birthdays

So since Travis and I started our new jobs we have no vacation time. Its awful because I am dying to spend time with my family. But I think I am just going to spend time with them about a week before christmas, which I am really excited about. I am just sad that Travis can't come. Costco is a little more easygoing about having time off then Travis' work.

I love my family so much! I can't wait to see my little brother! He just had to get contacts, he must look so adorable.

It was Travis' birthday a few weeks ago and we went to the museum of flight in Seattle and it was so much fun. He got to see his favorite airplane- F4U Corsair. As soon as I get the pictures from my card onto a CD ( my card driver is broken on my laptop) I will post some pictures.

EDIT: I finally fixed my card driver in my computer! Yeah!