Friday, March 27

My dog thinks he's homeless

Oh I love my dog.

He is so adorable... yet so *brain damaged.

*He's not really brain damaged just..umm a dumb dumb

Anyway Travis and I have a this HUGE box that is right in front of our door to our room*

*we live in a room above the garage..kind of like harry potter but with a little more class

This dog...sleeps in it...

Yes thats right.

He has a nice bed on the porch that my mother in law made.
but nope he wants to sleep in a box

Travis and I decided that if he ever was homeless he'd know how to keep warm.


  1. LOL Pups are so funny! They certainly have their own personalities! =)

  2. LOL! He's too funny!
    Dogs sleep in the weirdest places, don't they?

  3. That may just be one of the cutest things I've ever seen =)

    Totally looks like something MY "brain-damaged" dog would do.

  4. I know right?!
    My 75 pound dog has a bed his size but he chooses to sleep in the smaller dog's little bed!

  5. Awww, that is cute!
    Dogs crack me up. We had one that wasn't the smartest in the world either, so I can totally relate!

  6. How cute is that??? Adorable ;)

  7. I had a "brain-damaged" dog who used to eat rocks!

  8. OMG too flippin funny! He's so cute! Closer to his mom and dad ;)

  9. Oh he looks like a sweetheart. :O)

  10. Great post! I nearly died laughing.

    Did you notice that something has been missing from your blog? It might have appeared around the time I stopped commenting? I’m sorry about all that. I took a little hiatus from the blogosphere, but I couldn’t stay away too long. After a break, I had to come by again and see what you’ve been up to.

    Glad that I did.


    PS: Thanks for the birthday love!

  11. Awwwww, he looks so sweet and humble!

    SITSTa ...

  12. How funny! We have a Chihuahua who is "brain damaged" as well. We've nicknamed him Corky...perhaps that's not so very PC, but he's happy, so he doesn't care what we call him.

    (Okay, this is probably not right to laugh at, but my word verification was "sped")

  13. How cute!!! Love that puppy.

  14. LOL. What a cute dog! That sounds like my cat though, if there's a box... you'll find him in it!

  15. My dog sleeps on top of her kennel... go figure! Happy SITS day!

  16. Lol, looks like he needs a bigger box

  17. haha dogs are funny....if it helps any my kids would rather sleep in a box too, with a blanket and pillow of course lol

  18. He's a sweet fella, and just like a kid, knows where he feels most comfortable even if we don't understand it!!


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