Friday, March 6

Yup its official I am wierd....

So my bloggy buddy Cathy over at The Semi-Happy Homemaker has tagged me with 6 weird things about myself...

Oh boy....

Now I have already revealed to you WAY to much in my post here

But I guess you guys keep wanting more...


You all need cats... 

just kidding..

1. I never learned how to sound out words. When I was in elementary school, we were part of a Guinea pig study where they taught kids to read by sight, not by phonics..obviously it didn't work because I struggled throughout my schooling with reading aloud.

2.I CAN NOT eat or drink anything that is not the right temperature its supposed to be. Such as cold pizza or luke warm hot drinks....they make me gag...

3.I can memorize any movie if I see it once. I can normally quote verbatim after about 2 times watching it. Anything and everything reminds me of a movie I will normally quote the line in my head and smile to myself. ( Over the years I have learned that saying it out loud is VERY annoying)

4.If I could eat cereal for three meals a day I would.

5. I hate watermelon. Everyone thinks I am nuts. But seriously it tastes like watered down fruit. Bleh..I guess thats why they call it watermelon...

6. I am addicted to infomercials... I will search them out and watch them for hours.. I have never bought anything but I have been so tempted....


  1. Girl you crack me up! I love all those pictures! I don't think your weird just part of the fam ;).

  2. haha shay! ur goofy =] i still quote movies... guess i'll never learn!

  3. Yeah, I don't get watermelon either!

  4. Love the pics! I hate watermelon too and somehow I can drink iced coffee, but if it's coffee that's supposed to be has to be hot! I love quoting movies too...but most of the ones I can quote are SO OLD because we never watch them anymore!

  5. #1 is very interesting! #3 cracked me up....I am the same way with songs...I have musical tourettes! Thanks for playing along, you are the bestest!!

  6. I knew you were a weirdo! (wink, wink!) Just teasin'! You know I love you!

    I have to eat foods at their proper temp too...just can't do it any other way!

    How's the yacht coming along?

  7. You and my husband have the cereal thing in common.

  8. You are not alone in the crazy world because I do not much care for watermelon either. :}

  9. Coming over from Mamarazzi's blog! I totally agree with you on #2! My hubby loves cold pizza...bleh!


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