Tuesday, March 24

A terrible Blogger...

Yes I have been..

a terrible blogger...

I am so sorry everyone

You all follow me in hopes of making you laugh, making you smile

I have only caused disappointment!

funny pictures

But instead of the house... its our yacht...

I have also been working 48 hour weeks, 6 days a week

funny pictures

People are very stoopid...

funny pictures

Now I work in the food court at costco

I do not get paid less and my job is very demanding..but people treat us like the arm pit of Costco... makes me sad

Anyway.. people yell at me; they get within inches of my face and tell me what they want like I can not hear them
Or you have the people that stand in line for a good 5 minutes then suddenly realize there are HUGE posters of the food we have to offer right above their heads! So they stand there another 5 minutes saying Um...Um... I Need I Need...

And I think to myself... no you do not NEED anything from this place... HA

Now that I have vented about the customers..


I bring you an update with my life!

A couple of weeks ago I went snowboarding!

My hubby is a fantastic teacher! He actually used to be an instructer up where we went. Those familiar with the Washington State area, we went up to Crystal mountain!

We went up here for a wedding.

I so look like a vampire next to tan people..
While there i found something


I had to share with you

I was just a little excited.... then i immediately washed my hands and my face...


So the reason for my poll ^ (up there on the top of my blog)
is because a while back before the hub bub of the Twilight series I began a short story of a Vampire girl... and I was just wondering how many of you would read it if I made a second blog devoted to it.


Also I have been very bad about posting my Project 365
so I have made a separate blog just for that!!

Check it out here: A Speechless Year


  1. You're cute! You're not a vampire. I'm paler than you are and I live in S. Texas...it's pitiful.

  2. Hey girl, so glad to get an update from you! I'm sure that the yacht is taking a lot of work. I'd love to see pictures of the progress!

    I'm sorry that people don't always treat you well...I hate that.

  3. Love the pictures. Looks like you had fun. I am not sure why people have to be so mean.

  4. I love all of your pictures!

    Mean people stink! Boo mean people!

    I would LOVE to read your Vamp stories!!!!!

  5. I'm so pale too ... LOL You look amazing as always! I'm so glad you had fun and a break well needed!

    People really need to learn personal bubbles! That annoys the heck out of me. Along with no manners, it doesn't matter where you work everyone deserves respect!!!

    Love ya girl, one day I'll come visit and take you to lunch, you know Costco has $1.50 hotdogs ... LOL just playing. Love ya

  6. It's amazing how demanding life can get....and I think everyone should work in retail or food service...to realize how you should treat people....showing your ads some clicky love

  7. Dang customers! Some people are just so stoopid..and/or rude! Argh!

    Love the pics!

    A short story. My mom was picking my aunt up from the airport a few months ago and my aunt doesn't have a cell phone. My mom was complaining that she had been waiting over an hour for my aunt and how she should've bought a pre-paid cell phone for traveling because she was inconveniencing her (my mom) by not being able to contact her (my aunt). She said that once she (aunt) got off the plane, she was to find a pay phone and call my mom. I was like "pay phones still exist?" LOL It's just so weird to think that because I can't even remember the last time I used one!


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