Friday, March 27

My dog thinks he's homeless

Oh I love my dog.

He is so adorable... yet so *brain damaged.

*He's not really brain damaged just..umm a dumb dumb

Anyway Travis and I have a this HUGE box that is right in front of our door to our room*

*we live in a room above the garage..kind of like harry potter but with a little more class

This dog...sleeps in it...

Yes thats right.

He has a nice bed on the porch that my mother in law made.
but nope he wants to sleep in a box

Travis and I decided that if he ever was homeless he'd know how to keep warm.

Tuesday, March 24

A terrible Blogger...

Yes I have been..

a terrible blogger...

I am so sorry everyone

You all follow me in hopes of making you laugh, making you smile

I have only caused disappointment!

funny pictures

But instead of the house... its our yacht...

I have also been working 48 hour weeks, 6 days a week

funny pictures

People are very stoopid...

funny pictures

Now I work in the food court at costco

I do not get paid less and my job is very demanding..but people treat us like the arm pit of Costco... makes me sad

Anyway.. people yell at me; they get within inches of my face and tell me what they want like I can not hear them
Or you have the people that stand in line for a good 5 minutes then suddenly realize there are HUGE posters of the food we have to offer right above their heads! So they stand there another 5 minutes saying Um...Um... I Need I Need...

And I think to myself... no you do not NEED anything from this place... HA

Now that I have vented about the customers..


I bring you an update with my life!

A couple of weeks ago I went snowboarding!

My hubby is a fantastic teacher! He actually used to be an instructer up where we went. Those familiar with the Washington State area, we went up to Crystal mountain!

We went up here for a wedding.

I so look like a vampire next to tan people..
While there i found something


I had to share with you

I was just a little excited.... then i immediately washed my hands and my face...


So the reason for my poll ^ (up there on the top of my blog)
is because a while back before the hub bub of the Twilight series I began a short story of a Vampire girl... and I was just wondering how many of you would read it if I made a second blog devoted to it.


Also I have been very bad about posting my Project 365
so I have made a separate blog just for that!!

Check it out here: A Speechless Year

Monday, March 16

Wanna win some DIAMONDS??

Not by me...

that would be just silly...

I don't have the money to do a giveaway HA!

I am diggin for change in the couch cushions.

Anyway A blogger whom I just found just switched their blog from blogger to wordpress and lost all their followers and subscribers!

She had 700 and is now down to 0 and its so close to her year mark!

So as a con insentive to get people back she giving away a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings!!!

So go check her out and help a SISTA out!!!

Scary Momma

Sunday, March 15

A New Day

Morning comes
To kiss the moon away

Darkness no longer lingers
Like the plague

Like a thief,
Dances on the rooftops

Shadows dance in the corner,
Like a ballerina; graceful, elegant

as if
from the depths of
a dark memory

Bitterness trickles in
Leaving no trace

Fear sets in
Leaving hope to no one

Cold seeps in
Leaving frailty

Lies cut too deep
Leaving no faith

Do not dread
For this is how it always is

Morning comes again
To kiss the pain away

To bring a new day

This is for The R Families Diaries Optimism Pays contest.

The contest starts on Friday(that's when Mr. Linky will be up there) and the contest goes until Wednesday the 24th.
So go join in the fun.

Isn't optimism great?

Please vote for me. :D I would love to win!!

This was written by me so no copying. 
And the picture is MINE too.

Sunday, March 8

Let's Get Something for Nothing!!!

This giveaways always surprise and amaze me. :D

I love them so.

Anyway I have a few I would like to share. :D

The first it ends tonight so if you are a devoted and wonderful follower then you should be able to enter today. ;)

It's Ms. Tiffany(From SITS) her personal blog The R Family Diaries is holding a spectacular giveaway for 2 $100 dollar gift cards! Amazing!

The second is my wonderful pal Alexis at Running Away? I'll Help You Pack is holding a giveaway from Eden Fantasies. Can we say oooo all together now. (For adult Eyes only please) :D

Friday, March 6

Yup its official I am wierd....

So my bloggy buddy Cathy over at The Semi-Happy Homemaker has tagged me with 6 weird things about myself...

Oh boy....

Now I have already revealed to you WAY to much in my post here

But I guess you guys keep wanting more...


You all need cats... 

just kidding..

1. I never learned how to sound out words. When I was in elementary school, we were part of a Guinea pig study where they taught kids to read by sight, not by phonics..obviously it didn't work because I struggled throughout my schooling with reading aloud.

2.I CAN NOT eat or drink anything that is not the right temperature its supposed to be. Such as cold pizza or luke warm hot drinks....they make me gag...

3.I can memorize any movie if I see it once. I can normally quote verbatim after about 2 times watching it. Anything and everything reminds me of a movie I will normally quote the line in my head and smile to myself. ( Over the years I have learned that saying it out loud is VERY annoying)

4.If I could eat cereal for three meals a day I would.

5. I hate watermelon. Everyone thinks I am nuts. But seriously it tastes like watered down fruit. Bleh..I guess thats why they call it watermelon...

6. I am addicted to infomercials... I will search them out and watch them for hours.. I have never bought anything but I have been so tempted....

Wednesday, March 4

Keeping you Entertained....

This boat is taking up so much time!
Which is okay because that means we can get into it sooner!

But in the meantime, here are some videos I found that will make you giggle...

well I cried with laughter...

Something not so funny but just amazingly neat!

I love the song but the video is the coolest I have ever seen.

Thank you for being patient with me during this boat project.
I will back up and running here soon.

I promise.