Saturday, November 1

Was it really Halloween yesterday?

So I work 6 days a week, and friday the 31st definalty snuck up on me. On Monday Travis told me that him and his dad were going over to our property to work on the land some more this weekended. I honestly didnt think anything of it. Than at work they were all talking about halloween on friday and I was like "shoot, travis is going to be out of town!" Oh well, I am not a big party person anyway. The only reason I go to parties is because Travis goes.
I was never the partier in high school or college, so I just stayed home last night and watch the office and some late shows after I got off work. Pretty exciting huh? Without my husband I am pretty much the crazy cat lady...without the cats. hahah
Just kidding, I am totally NOT the crazy cat lady. I just have always been a home body. I like to sit at home and read, color, draw and do scrapbooking. Travis truly balances me out, he likes to do stuff, ride motocycles, go hang out with friends, run around and cause shanigans! Ying and Yang if you will.

For now in the celebration of halloween let us reminence on Halloween one year ago.
These were my wonderful roomates! Shelly, ( the ninja turtle) Kelli the transformer, me the pirate, Heather robin, and amanda belle!

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