Sunday, November 9

One Year Older and Wiser Too

So yesterday was my 20th birthday! What a wonderful day! My first birthday as a married lady. As soon as I woke up I opened the presents from my parents then I crawled back into bed and snuggled Travis. Then he pulled out his present.

It was a diamond necklace! Oh my it was stunning! A past Present, future type of setting. I love it so much. It was something I wasn't expecting at all! Travis' dad told him that he was setting the bar really high, so early into the marriage. Haha

Anyway we got ready because Travis had a full day planned. :D Now you have to understand I am major dork, I love museums and books and learning and such. Anyway Travis had planned to go to the Pacific Science Center! Let me tell you what I was so excited.

After we got ready we hoped into the car and we went out to Winger's for lunch. One of my favorite restaurants! Anyway lunch was delicious!

It took us over 2 hours to get from Tacoma to the Seattle Center! So much traffic! So I decieded to take some pictures! It should've only taken us like 40 mins!

As soon as we got there we had to find a place to park which was murder! haha We finally found a place for only 8 bucks for 10 hours! Which was amazing because last time we were up there it cost us over 24 bucks to park! And it was only 2 blocks from the Pacific Science Center!

The Pacific Science Center was amazing! So much to do we couldn't do it all. But we did get to see Lucy's Legacy. The oldest remains of a human, 3.2 Billion years old! It was so awesome.
We also got tickets to see Madagascar 2 on their giant IMAX screen!
We also went to the Butterfly house! That was so cool. There were butterflies everywhere. One flew right at me and I screamed... how embarrassing.

The museum closed at 6 so we had 3 hours to kill before the movie started. We walked around the square for a while, I took some more pictures haha.

Anyway after my barrage of pictures we tried to eat dinner at the Space Needle. But since it was Saturday night there weren't any openings till 9 45 ( which was when our movie was) So we couldn't go, but Travis promised that we would go in December so we can go ice skating too. :D

Anyway we found a fantastic East Coast Pizzeria called Bambinos. Oh it was amazing! Everything tasted so fresh, nothing canned. We loved it so much and it wasn't very expensive at all. Not like it would've been to eat at the Space Needle. A couple hundred dollars!

After dinner it was time for our movie. Oh man Madagascar 2 was so funny! We loved it so much! I highly recommend it!

So it was a perfect birthday. It didn't rain at all and it was even supposed to!
Best. Day. Ever.


  1. yay i'm glad you had a good birthday!! =]

  2. I like your pictures and your dog is adorable


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