Sunday, November 16

Sick is no fun....

Travis and I got sick again...ugh
He started it though..haha. He got sick on tuesday night and I got sick Thursday night. Then Travis' dad got sick Friday night. It just making the rounds, Mary still hasn't gotten it yet hopefully she won't.
Travis was starting to get over it and I was in my worst day on Friday and I would tell travis how i was feeling and he was like baby i know how you feel. It was nice because he really did know how i felt. :D I love him so much.
I am so gald I got the weekend off! I had to call in sick to work on Friday. I had to open the food court and there is no way i could've done it. Thankfully my supervisor was so understanding and knows I NEVER call in sick or fake it.
Anyway so I now I am just recouporating and get to go back to work tomorrow! yeah.... haha

On a different note I love the LOLcats, I seriously just go online and laugh all day. I am going to leave you with some of my favorites.


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