Wednesday, December 31

New Year's Goals

What a cliche. I know.

But a goal is simply a wish if not written it down.

I want to accomplish my goals this year. I never complete my goals.
Every year I tell myself I'm going to. But I don't.

This year will be different.
I know it will.

1. Take one picture everyday-I saw this in a magazine. Take one picture for everyday of the year. 365 pictures total. 365 pictures to scrapbook at the end of the year. Its going to be hard because Travis and I don't have kids. Kids are easy to find something new everyday. :D

2. Do the 100 push up challenge- Ever see this site? Hundred push ups I can't do push ups to save my life and they are so good for you! So i want to do this challenge for sure!

3. Find ME time- Its not that I work a lot, I am only part time. But the problem is I work weird hours. Some days I won't work till 5 30 at night, then some mornings I have to be there at 6 am. So it throws me through a loop. I can never get my schedule right. Its hard to find me time because on my day off I am normally running errands and doing laundry. But I will find me time. I have to find it, for my sanity.

4. No more sleeping in until 10 30- Yes I LOVE sleep, maybe a little too much. But its so easy for me just to sleep the day away. And this goes with number 3, I need to find me time. Time to do my hobbies. Like drawing, and scrapbooking and blogging. I just need to find a decent hour, where i am not tired for the rest of the day but early enough where i can get stuff done.

5. Have more patients with my mother in law- This is a biggie, we have recently been just blowing up at each other. I am not one to yell. I have a very passive personality, but she has been bringing out the worst in me. And. I. Do. Not. Like. I just need to treat her with love and kindness. Kill her with kindness. It will be hard but I can do it.

6. Pray-This one needs no explanation.

7. Love- unconditionally. Everyone needs it. I just need to give it more. This one is more for work. I get very frustrated with customers.


  1. I saw something like this in a magazine too - the best part was the "picture" was the same every day - or so the initial observer thought. It was a picture taken every day at the same time of the same place. But when you really look at the pictures you get to see the differences - the shadows, the people, the season.

    Sure its "easy" with kids - well not really since some really HATE having their pictures taken. But you too can do this. Look for a spot that you can easily get to every day and use the magazine results as your guide. See how those things around you change without you noticing sometimes.

    Just a thought.

    But you have some interesting "goals" for this coming year - good luck with #5 - let me know your secret if you have success here.

  2. thanks for stopping by!

    love your goals,(and your blog), and so want to try the 100 pushups...willlet you know how it goes! Ugh!

    as for the is a little easier with kids, but then my pics are always of our kids, and not always the beauty in the things around us! good luck!

  3. What a great goal, oh geez I have kids and not sure that is something I can stick to, but I'm going to try to the same with ya girlie!

  4. You have a great goal! This is your year, keep up the great work!!!


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