Friday, December 26

Some Belated Utah Pictures

I went to Utah earlier this month and I have yet to post pictures from my wonderful trip.

Travis was unable to go, but it was nice for me to go and see my family. I hadn't seen them since August.

My Sweet little brother and I.
I can't believe he will be 13 in February! I was 8 years old when we adopted him. I can't believe how much he looks like all of us. 

My beautiful mom and brother.
We went out to eat at OutBack.
One of my favorite restuarants.

My mom's mom and her husband and my parents and I went out to Applebees for lunch before I left
I love my grandma and grandpa.
My gorgeous grandmother just battled pancreatic cancer and won!
She is one tough cookie!

My dad and I went out for Sushi.
Our favorite thing to do!
I love my mommy so much. 
She is the most beautiful and saintly woman I know.
She is my role model.
She is an amazing woman.
I hope I can be just as good of a mom she is to me.

I love my family,

They are beautiful.

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  1. Hey! Just stopping in from SITS. I must say, you are a fantastic artist! I love it when people actually use their talents and then share them! That says a lot of good about you!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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