Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving, Food poisoning, and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope yours was better than mine.

The night before thanksgiving travis and I went to this new mexican grill by our house called Qdoba. It was supposed to be like Taco Del Mar. Whatever, it was okay. Travis gave it a 4 on a scale from 1-10. I enjoyed my burrito very much. But about an hour after we got back home, my stomach started to hurt. I didn't think anything of it, as usual, because I hadn't drunk a lot of water that day.

Thanksgiving morning, I wake up and I am sicker than a dog. I feel terrible. I thought no way did I catch the flu again. Yeah food poisioning... bleh Yeah for thanksgiving and not being able to eat anything. The thought of food made me gag. So needless to say I didn't eat much.

What. A. Sad. Day.

Anyway on friday I had to open at Costco at 6AM! Oh it was so early! I did not want to get out of bed that's for sure, just because one it was so early, and two I was still feeling yucky from thanksgiving. I wasn't going too fast because I honestly didn't think Costco would be busy that day. I mean seriously who does their Black Friday shopping at Costco? Whatever america, you proved me wrong. Between 9 and 1 there were over 1500 people that came through our store! Holy. Cow.

I am just thankful that I was not anywhere near that shopping frenzy on Friday. I did not want to get trampled or shot to death over a toy for my nephews. and
People died over this stupid day. Really people? Do you have to get that last toy? Order it online!

People disgust me.


Corporate America disgusts me.

Monday, November 24

Somewhere Over the Distant Rainbows

Somewhere over the rainbows, there is a better life, a better circumstance.
But once we get over there will it really be better than what we are dealing with now?


Granted the grass isn't always greener, but over my rainbows it is.

My rainbows are the cascades. Over the mountains and through the woods.
Where we are building our house.
Our future home.
Our new life.

Travis, Charlie ( our puppy) and I went over to our property this weekend to do some more work on our house. We finally got water and power. Its a slow process but its going to be so worth it.

We were worried about charlie coming with us, and not being a leash, but he was wonderful. He never went more than 20 feet from us the whole time! We are glad that we brought him. He is going to love all the freedom living out there.

Charlie was trying to help, Travis out. Very cute :D

We have a big D9 Cat over at the property. Its huge!  Charlie didn't like it too much. We were in the trailer when Travis rode past it and Charlie went crazy and started barking very angrily. We think he believes that its hurting Travis. He does the same thing with Travis' bike because its so loud.

Travis had some well deserved fun on top of the tower. I was getting a little nervous because it wasn't in the ground all the way. But I got some fun pictures out of it.

It was sad to come home. We wanted to quite our jobs and move out there on saturday.
Its hard to live here with his parents. We are treated like children.
But it'll be worth it, saving our money so we can have our house finished.
We just want the insantiy to end, now.

More patience. 
We'll get over our rainbows soon. 

A better life.
A better circumstance.

Sunday, November 16

Sick is no fun....

Travis and I got sick again...ugh
He started it though..haha. He got sick on tuesday night and I got sick Thursday night. Then Travis' dad got sick Friday night. It just making the rounds, Mary still hasn't gotten it yet hopefully she won't.
Travis was starting to get over it and I was in my worst day on Friday and I would tell travis how i was feeling and he was like baby i know how you feel. It was nice because he really did know how i felt. :D I love him so much.
I am so gald I got the weekend off! I had to call in sick to work on Friday. I had to open the food court and there is no way i could've done it. Thankfully my supervisor was so understanding and knows I NEVER call in sick or fake it.
Anyway so I now I am just recouporating and get to go back to work tomorrow! yeah.... haha

On a different note I love the LOLcats, I seriously just go online and laugh all day. I am going to leave you with some of my favorites.

Sunday, November 9

One Year Older and Wiser Too

So yesterday was my 20th birthday! What a wonderful day! My first birthday as a married lady. As soon as I woke up I opened the presents from my parents then I crawled back into bed and snuggled Travis. Then he pulled out his present.

It was a diamond necklace! Oh my it was stunning! A past Present, future type of setting. I love it so much. It was something I wasn't expecting at all! Travis' dad told him that he was setting the bar really high, so early into the marriage. Haha

Anyway we got ready because Travis had a full day planned. :D Now you have to understand I am major dork, I love museums and books and learning and such. Anyway Travis had planned to go to the Pacific Science Center! Let me tell you what I was so excited.

After we got ready we hoped into the car and we went out to Winger's for lunch. One of my favorite restaurants! Anyway lunch was delicious!

It took us over 2 hours to get from Tacoma to the Seattle Center! So much traffic! So I decieded to take some pictures! It should've only taken us like 40 mins!

As soon as we got there we had to find a place to park which was murder! haha We finally found a place for only 8 bucks for 10 hours! Which was amazing because last time we were up there it cost us over 24 bucks to park! And it was only 2 blocks from the Pacific Science Center!

The Pacific Science Center was amazing! So much to do we couldn't do it all. But we did get to see Lucy's Legacy. The oldest remains of a human, 3.2 Billion years old! It was so awesome.
We also got tickets to see Madagascar 2 on their giant IMAX screen!
We also went to the Butterfly house! That was so cool. There were butterflies everywhere. One flew right at me and I screamed... how embarrassing.

The museum closed at 6 so we had 3 hours to kill before the movie started. We walked around the square for a while, I took some more pictures haha.

Anyway after my barrage of pictures we tried to eat dinner at the Space Needle. But since it was Saturday night there weren't any openings till 9 45 ( which was when our movie was) So we couldn't go, but Travis promised that we would go in December so we can go ice skating too. :D

Anyway we found a fantastic East Coast Pizzeria called Bambinos. Oh it was amazing! Everything tasted so fresh, nothing canned. We loved it so much and it wasn't very expensive at all. Not like it would've been to eat at the Space Needle. A couple hundred dollars!

After dinner it was time for our movie. Oh man Madagascar 2 was so funny! We loved it so much! I highly recommend it!

So it was a perfect birthday. It didn't rain at all and it was even supposed to!
Best. Day. Ever.

Saturday, November 1

40's Girl

Travis and I both think that we belong in the 40s. So i decided to buy some red lipstick and do my makeup like a 40s pin up girl! haha I had way too much fun!
Anyway i hope Travis likes it when he comes home from spokane tonight.

My inspiration:

Our babies!

Okay so this is the funniest website ever! It takes pictures of you and your spouse or a movie star or even one of your friends and makes a baby!
These are Travis' I three kids, April, Cody and Mark
You all have got to try this!!!!!! Just don't creep out your boyfriend... haha

What do you think about my little new baby April? - What will your baby look like?

Okay she is gorgeous!

What do you think about my little new baby Cody? - What will your baby look like?

He's a little creepy...haha

What do you think about my little new baby Mark? - What will your baby look like?

And little baby mark..not as creepy as cody but still a little creepy haha

Oh man I can't stop laughing...

Was it really Halloween yesterday?

So I work 6 days a week, and friday the 31st definalty snuck up on me. On Monday Travis told me that him and his dad were going over to our property to work on the land some more this weekended. I honestly didnt think anything of it. Than at work they were all talking about halloween on friday and I was like "shoot, travis is going to be out of town!" Oh well, I am not a big party person anyway. The only reason I go to parties is because Travis goes.
I was never the partier in high school or college, so I just stayed home last night and watch the office and some late shows after I got off work. Pretty exciting huh? Without my husband I am pretty much the crazy cat lady...without the cats. hahah
Just kidding, I am totally NOT the crazy cat lady. I just have always been a home body. I like to sit at home and read, color, draw and do scrapbooking. Travis truly balances me out, he likes to do stuff, ride motocycles, go hang out with friends, run around and cause shanigans! Ying and Yang if you will.

For now in the celebration of halloween let us reminence on Halloween one year ago.
These were my wonderful roomates! Shelly, ( the ninja turtle) Kelli the transformer, me the pirate, Heather robin, and amanda belle!