Saturday, February 7

oooo handbags...

Oh man If you LOVE bags just as much as I do...

Forget purses...

GIVE ME A BAG or satchel

Anyway this sweet lady whom I just discovered is hosting a giveaway for Satchel Studios.
Oh man they are cute!

Go check out her blog and enter..
or not

it gives me a better chance of winning... HA!

Just kidding I love you girls.


  1. Tori always has the best stuff over there! Thanks for the linky! I am loving the blackbird satchel!

  2. Love Bags, these days they have to be huge to fit diapers and everything! Hope your having a wonderful Sunday ;)

  3. oh wow! thank you... those have got to be the cutest things ive ever seen. Thanks for sharing!!!!



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