Tuesday, February 10

Project 365 Day 27-40

I am so sorry I have been lacking in the Project 365 department...

I feel so honored to have 6 more followers! I hope I can make you laugh and smile.

Welcome to my little corner of the Blogging world! I need to be better at blogging at least every other day.

I need to keep you all entertained.

Day 27
This is a chicken weather vein that my husband stole when he was younger.
His mom wanted it so he stole it. Funny story.
Day 28
Yeah I work at Costco
and I get to wear this sweet hat.
Day 29
See that water:
yeah its frozen..
Day 30
I love rust

Day 31
This vine caught my eye from across a parking lot

Day 32
My sweet little truck
Day 33
Beauty in is age
Day 34
This tree is growing out of the old tree stump.
Day 35
My husband calls me his Peck Peck
so he bought me this chicken.

Day 36
I have no words.
Day 37
I love moss..
Day 38
Calligraphy: my other passion.
Day 39
Under cover for the winter...
its my father in laws dozer

Day 40
Dumb Dumb's paw prints... all over Travis' V-day card...

Oh man and grab my button if you'd like.

It's on the left column!!

I made it myself.
Yes I has them...


  1. I love your pictures, I really like the slow sign on the tree.

    I'm doing the same thing on one of my blogs {see what i see}

    Yeah for being SAUCY!!!

  2. The picture of the v-card envelope made me smile. Reminded me of our dogs over here! I'm sure he printed them with love though. :)

  3. I truly understand about trying to stay caught up on the pictures!! I haven't even been able to take that many pictures because I know I don't have the time to mess with them right now. Hopefully time will slow down a little bit for all of us - :)

  4. Great pictures! I'm proud to be one of your new followers...you've already made me smile!

  5. You has them! LOL

    I love the picture of the moss. They are all great though!

    Oh! And congrats on being so saucy this week! Woot-woot!

  6. I worked at Costco for almost 10 years!! I know that hat all too well!!

    Over from SITS

  7. Stoppin in from SITs. Interesting blog you have. I'll be following.

  8. You made your button yourself?? Can you do a tutorial please??


Thanks for your comment!