Saturday, February 28


46 and a half hours....

of working in the costco food court...

for 6 days a week....


Only one day off...

but in other news Travis is taking me out to dinner Saturday Night in celebration of my hard working and loads of money..

oh and check me out here:

She Just Got Married


  1. Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  2. You poor thing! It sounds like you're exhausted! At least your pictures are pretty!

  3. Oh boy! What a rough week!
    I'm off to check your pictures!

  4. I just checked your pictures and got a little teary! lol You guys were so beautiful!
    Great pictures!

  5. Your wedding picture are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I got tired just reading about it... :P Poor thing!

  7. Awesome wedding pictures. Absolutely the stuff dreams are made of. Enjoy the journey of marriage even more. Married life is even better than the wedding day(at least for me it is).

    Visiting from SITS. A great weekend is all yours for the taking. Decide to enjoy it.

  8. Hang in there, sweetie!

    Your photos are gorgeous! They reminded me of Love Actually! You are a beautiful couple!

  9. 46 hours?? Do you at least get to sit down at all?

  10. You have such a great site, Shalee. Seriously, I like it here. Great pictures of the gorgeous you from your wedding, as well as your boat. I even see that you have great love for TMI Tara. Isn't she the best?

    I heart Tara too.


  11. I was ready to say give me your address I'm on my way when I saw the title of your blog ... LOL

    Girl you take it easy and have a wonderful dinner!

    P.S. LOVE the pictures, my fav is the last one that scene is just to die for!

    Hugs, get some rest :).

  12. Hope you had a great dinner/date - sounds like you deserved it!! Nice captured moments of your wedding!:)

  13. you go girl! bring home that bacon =]

  14. Awesome job surviving a brutal work week! Those photos of your wedding via the link are GORGEOUS! You looked like a princess, you and your husband so happy! :) My favorite was your first dance-wow! What an amazing shot! Have a nice dinner out!

  15. Sometimes it's alright to be absent...though don't get used to it cause we miss!

    I have an award for you over @ Misadventures in Baby Raising when you get the chance stop by and pick it up.


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