Friday, February 13

ooo another bag..

Can you tell I am addicted?

I just love bags!

i drool over them all the time...

I get envious of women that come into my work with the cutest bags...

because I know sadly they are hundreds of dollars...

but thats when I jump for joy when I see a giveaway for a bag!

Because they are just as cute, if not cuter than the ones I am envious of!

Brandy just had her 100th post!

So she is having a bag giveaway to celebrate! WooRAH!


  1. I most definitely share your love of bags...and I so feel your pain at not being able to buy them all!

    And LMAO at the pic!

  2. Thanks for the info...I entered Brandy's contest.

  3. Oooh thanks for the information. Can't never have enough bags.

    I am late but wanted to wish you a Happy SAUCY week! I hope you had a great one!

  4. I am in need of a new bag, fo' sho'!

    Your new look is gorgeous! I love it! (love the gator!)

  5. OMG I'm so with you and I Love though to look never to buy them. Rick thinking he's being sweet has bought me 2 of those over priced bags. Which of course I love but died when I found out how much he paid. I always think of all the other things the kids need or the house needs. Hope your having a wonderful day girlie.

  6. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Made me smile.
    Have a great day.

  7. That's a funny picture of the croc!

  8. Hopefully you win (or I win). I share you love of bags also. Visiting from SITS. Having a giveaway on my blog too. Come over and check it out.

  9. Oooh I love bags too! Congrats on having a Saucy blog!!!

  10. i love that picture!!

    happy hearts day - stopping by from sits!

  11. Hey popping over from SITS! Congrats on being a Saucy blog!!

  12. Ooooh! I saw this giveaway! If I bring one more bag into this house, my hubby may kill me. LOL

    Good luck!


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