Friday, February 6

Dumb Dumb

Oh man I had to blog about this.

I am so infuriated.

So I had my first ladies doctor's apointment this morning. Everything went really well. I was super worried because of my family history. But she assured me I am as normal as anyone can get.

Anyway Travis and I live up in a loft in the garage. We don't have a lock on our door and it doesn't shut. ( no door nob)

So normally if we are going out we put a board up on the stairs so Charlie doesn't get in. Well since my doctor's appointment was at 9 this morning I figured I would only be gone for like 2 hours... yeah no didn't happen that way... I had to wait for my prescription, then go to Costco to get some stuff the Doc told me to get...then Mary and I got lunch...

So its 1 o clock now... a little longer than a expected.

We come home.. and there it is... a pile of candy bar wrappers. Hersey's, and reeses. Charlie apparently not only went into our room but got into our stash of candy...


He has NEVER done that. He normally just goes in there to look for us. Nope not this time... he terriorizes it in there.

My scrapbooking stuff was on the floor so now there are dirty little paw prints on my paper and on the letters I was writing my family and friends! I can not believe that dog!

He is supposed to be smart. He is a German Shephard for pitty's sake!

Nope he is now the Dumb Dumb Shepherd...

Ugh...makes me so mad..

Oh and he should be fine with that chocolate... he's eaten more than that in one sitting.... He is a tank and milk chocolate isn't as bad as pure coca...


  1. Oh no....

    My little 27 pound dog has been known to have me want to pull my hair out at times. It's like walking into a horror movie..everywhere you look that nasty dramatic music follows you. :(

    But we love em...

    Visiting from SITS!

  2. Thanks for stopping by from SITS today.
    What a day you had. I can't imagine coming home to all of that.
    I also read some of your other posts. The yacht living sound GREAT to me. That will be a great adventure!

  3. That stinks! I bet he feels bad though, huh? Glad all went well at your appt.!

  4. Okay, the funny thing is that I was reading down your post and I was thinking Charlie was a child.

    But he's a dog.

    That makes a lot more sense.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW - I really appreciate that!

    Have a great weekend...

    :^) Anna

  5. So I'm wondering is Charlie considered a "chewer"? I have a somewhat small dauschaund/spaniel and for her to be such a cute little punk, she can put away socks, wood, nails, ice, and any kind of entertaining toy apparatus known to man! I have yet to find something that she can enjoy and not devour.

    It's funny because you come home to eaten candy...and I come home to a sock explosion! lol.

  6. I love your blog! So adorable. We have a little "mentally challenged" dog that keeps finding my daughter's stash of chocolate...unfortunately, it hasn't killed her yet. JUST KIDDING!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog on my special SITS day!

  7. Oh noooo! LOL
    I could use a chocolate stash about right now. Think he'd share?

  8. Now, how to figure out how to work the pawprints into the scrapbooking...

  9. What a lucky dog! lol Glad he's ok.
    {here from sits}

  10. Saw you on SITS Saucy list. Glad your dog is okay!!


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