Monday, February 23

Can I Breathe?

I don't know how you women do it...

Blog, have children, a house, jobs, and a husband

It just boggles my mind.

Sorry I have been so absent.

This yacht has taken up so much of our time!

I have been working non-stop since we got it.

I wake up around 8 go work on it till noon then I go to work till ten.

So busy!
I am so exhausted!

Sanding, ripping wood out, more sanding, tearing staples out....
Its crazy!

But I can not wait until we are all done!

Ladies I will post some more pictures of it soon, we have gutted it quite a bit!

Oh and all you ladies looking for wenda!

She is here!!!


  1. Cant wait to see pics of it all finished!

  2. I know what you mean! I only have an apartment, a job, a husband and a dog and I get overwhelmed! I can't imagine adding a whole house and kids to the mix!

    I can't wait to see the finished pictures!

  3. I don't know how we do it either but we do. Wenda's gettin around isn't she?

  4. Thanks so much for entering to win one of my Temple Prints. Best of luck to you!!

  5. I've been feeling really overwhelmed too. I find pie helps.

  6. It is overwhelming...just take it day by day. I can't wait to see some more pics!

  7. Overwhelm seems to be the order of the day around here! It will all be worth it! Can't wait to see updates!

  8. I wonder sometime which makes me more dizzy - watching the merry-go-round or being on it!!!

  9. You crack me up! It's a way for my mind to get off the craziness of the kids and work and oh yeah Rick. Ha-Ha. Can't wait to see pictures!

  10. I am not sure how I do it either...but it could have something to do with the mounds of laundry, dirty dishes, and ungraded papers in my bag.

  11. You learn to live without sleep! Good Clicky morning babe.. givein' ya your daily clicks chick:D

  12. just over visiting from sits :) your header photo is gorgeous- it leaves me speechless!! just beautiful!!

  13. Just stopping by from SITs. Sounds like you've got a lot to do! It will be so worth it!

    Have fun and good luck getting it all done!

  14. Hey girl! Spreading blogger love CLICK CLICK!! Beautiful photo up there. Laura


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