Monday, January 26

A Little Update

Wow... My apologies, I do not think I have been this absent in a very long time.

There is so much to talk about! But for now... yes I will leave you hanging until tonight...or later today whatever...

Here are my Project 365 updates... holy cow..WAY too many

Day 19
I went over to my sister-in-law's house on monday
and got play with my favorite Nephews 
They are my only Nephews...ahem...

 Day 20
This time Travis and I went over to my sister-in-law's house
for dinner.
Travis had a spoon war with The Woozle.
The Woozle totally won.

Day 21
 I got to go over and Babysit just the Woozle on Wednesday.
I drug Travis with me.. poor guy slept the whole time.
The Woozle decided he wanted to wear my shoes.
That's uncle Travis...asleep when we are supposed to be babysitting
oh well.. I was there to save the day, and take pictures too
Day 22
A little grumpy Kimbo for you...he hates pictures.
He's an ex cop dog so he thinks it's a weapon being pointed at him. 
Day 23
Sleepy Travis, I think he might have mono...That guy sleeps all the time.
Day 24
We made pizza!!
Day 25
This is our door nocker. I love it. Its a captain's wheel with our "C" charm
from when we were married.

Day 26
Today was the first time in 2 weeks that it was sunny.
Oh I love it. I am going to soak it all in today!


  1. Super cute kiddos! Love your pictures!

  2. Soak in that sun!
    Fun pictures!

  3. husband babysits just like yours, weird huh? LOL!

  4. KIMBO! awww i miss him =] i remember when i went to take a picture of him and you told me that he was an ex cop puppy and that he may knaw on my arm.... i was like uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh ok. haha!

  5. I totally wanted to do this 365 thing... but then I forgot, and now I'm 30 days behind. As usual.

    Maybe I'll just start in February and 365 - 30.


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