Thursday, January 15

Project 365 Day 14, and 15 and some more prayers...

So yesterday I asked you all for prayers for Travis' grandfather.
Thank you for doing so. I am not sure what his condition is yet but his surgery went great.
We just hope he made it through the night.
I will let you know.

Thank you all again.

I do know though that a person is never taken before their time.
We just hope its not his time.
But if it is....

Well lets just hope its not...

Anyway here is yesterday's Project 365
and today's...

Day 14
Travis and I went on a hot date last night. His parents went to Idaho to be with his Grandfather,
so we again have the house to ourselves.

I got to wear my sexy shoes and we went out to dinner.

Then we came home and watched Love Actually.

All in all it was a great night.

Day 15
So Travis has an old Mercedes sitting out in the yard.
It is so fun to take pictures of!
I wish i had a better camera cause there is so much detail!
Anyway this one was my favorite!


  1. My prayers are most definitely with you and your family. We'll keep you close in our thoughts:)

    Love Actually...can you get better than that? I LOVE that movie..I always come away feeling uplifted when I watch it...

    Very smooth shoes, girl...very smooth...btw..I am a Crocs girl are right..they are like marshmallows...

  2. Love the shoes girl, I wish I was young and could still wear them ... LOL one more thing you chalk up to having kids :).

    More prayers, I'm happy to hear it went so well :)

  3. Those are some pretty fab shoes! And could it not be a great night when "Love Actually" is involved!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
    Come back anytime.

  5. Many many prayers!
    Yippee for hot dates, and I love the shoes:)

  6. I hope everything works out with his grandfather. It's so hard when a loved one is having health struggles.

    I love Love Actually, except for the guy who cheats on his wife (jerk!) and the girl who gives up the cute guy for her crazy brother.

    Cute shoes!

  7. I gave you another award, there like shoes you can't have too many :).


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