Thursday, January 22

We All Need Hope...

Sorry this is two days behind….but read it as if it was Tuesday….

I was watching some of my guilty pleasures this morning.. reality shows...

When it hit me. The Inauguration of Barack Obama was on.

I quickly turned to the news stations and watched.

I thought it was odd they were filming everyone just talking and standing around before the Inauguration. I personally don't really care, but maybe some people wanted to get the whole feel of being there.

Anyway I toughed it out.. flipping back and forth between guilty pleasures and the speech... ahem

While I was on the Inauguration they said something that struck me with such impact that I must share with you.

They were showing the First Ladies ( Laura Bush and Michelle Obama) and said "It seems as the Presidents age become more haggard with their strenuous position, their First Ladies become more exquisite and elegant." (not a direct quote) It so true. Those women hold their heads high during their Husband's tough job. Truly remarkable women.

I truly enjoyed the "band" playing the composition by John Williams for the Inauguration. Oh I was almost in tears. I think it truly describes how the nation feels. Some are remorseful for the swearing in of the man they did not vote for but others- I want to believe the majority-are feeling hope and excitement as this new chapter of the Nation begins. The song was very slow in the beginning but then picked up and was a hopeful tune. Then it ended slow once again. It was perfect. Its so hard to describe how that song made me feel.

I have to admit the poem was odd....did not enjoy it one bit. I am sorry.

Sadly I didn't have time to watch it all. (it was one for a good 5 hours) But what I did see moved me. I truly feel hope for this Nation.

I was the one that believed in George Bush, I know he did everything he could in his power to protect us. Now granted some people may not agree but he did what HE thought was the righteous thing to do.

Now I am going to be frank, please no harassing me, I have my reasons and they are many but...

I. Do. Not. Vote.
So I can not be angry or disappointed with who became elected. All I know is that this Nation needed change, whether it was a change in party or just to have someone new in office, this Nation needs it.

I could care less if Barack was a republican, democrat, Whig, or the green party. I truly believe he will help this nation. I am putting my faith in him like I have done with other presidents in the past.

I just hope he doesn't become a crooked politician like so many in the past have become. I hope his views can be stayed focused on the people, not who he is going to make happy in the senate or congress.

Anyway I called my mom while I was making some of her recipes to bring to my sister in law's house for dinner and I asked her if she saw the Inauguration.

She said a resounding no.

I was somewhat confused, I know they are republican but I would've thought they would have an open mind about it.

I chose to be neither party. I support whomever I believe has the best views.

BUT I won't get into my political views because I do not want to cause commotion on this friendly and upbeat blog.

I love my parents to death they are my world. But I wish they had an open mind about the New Presidency. So I will be respectful and not bring it up when I chat with them.

We all need hope.


  1. I know a lot of people who were very conflicted about this election and almost did not vote. I dont flame you for your choice not to, good for you though that you are open minded enough to support whomever got elected. You are right....change was needed no matter WHO had won the election.

  2. Well said, Shalee:) This is what makes America the best...our freedom to CHOOSE:) And sometimes our choice not to vote is what is best for our journey.

    I agree with you about the music:) I believe it was Simple Gifts, which is actually an old Shaker hymn...I sing it to my daughter every night before moved me to tears as well...

    Lovely post!

  3. I loved the song too! it was positively beautiful. Justin recorded the whole Inaguration and I watched the song twice =] and yeeeaahh that poem... didn't like it either.

    My parents are the same way (more so my dad than my mom) but i know what you mean about being open minded.

  4. This last election was the first time my parents did not vote. It made me feel weird knowing that they taught me to be proud to vote and then this time they decided not to. Thank God we do still have the choice though. My mom made the statement though that if she did not vote than she could not gripe about who won. Sounds like you came to the same conclusion - Good for you!! All we can do at this time is pray for our leaders to be given the wisdom to do what is best for all of us.

  5. She may just not have wanted to watch it. As you said, it went on forever. :)

  6. Hi Shaylee,
    I was introduced to your blog from your mom's Christmas letter. Sue and I and your dad grew up together back in the East Brunswick ward in NJ. She looks exactly the same which is really annoying but not surprising because I remember how beautiful your grandmother was. I loved when you said that your mom is your best friend...I hope my girls feel the same way about me one day. Congratulations on your marriage and best of luck on wedding bliss. May you be as happy as me and my prince charming.

    Lisa Appel Pulsipher

  7. I'm sorry to say I'm one of the ones who didn't want to watch it. I really do hope that change will come and it will be good. There is nothing I can do to change where we are, but stand and prayer for the best. I guess it's sometimes easier not see what you fear and don't want to like.

    Politics can be tricky and wow can they start wars with people and countries, it amazes how people can get so upset but then do not do anything to change. LOL it's just the way we are complain to the end.

    Much love you know I love ya no matter what, politics don't make or break me and what I do. I agree with everyone it's great to have the freedom to think and speak. Hugs darlin'.

  8. I LOVED the inauguration. I do vote and I didn't vote for Obama, but the majority of the country did and I support that decision 100%. I think that song that was played during the inauguraion epitomized how I feel. It starts out slowly, hesitantly, then picks up speed and momentum, until it is filled with joy and exuberance. Oh, I just loved it!

    I didn't mention the benediction on my post because I didn't want to go 'there' but oh my heck did you hear the benediction?

    If not go here

    and read the last paragraph.

    Even Obama giggled a little, so I don't feel guilty for thinking it is hilarious! ;o)

  9. Thank you for visiting me on my SITS was so great to get so much bloggy love, it was almost overwhelming! Sorry it took so long to respond back!

    I have to admit...I didn't watch any of the inauguration. I didn't vote for Obama and I'll support him during his presidency but the inauguration was just too much for me!

    PLUS..the picture of your dog in heels? FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!

  10. Just stopping by from SITS. An open mind is a terrible thing to close....

  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Tuesday's fundraiser! It means so much to me and her family!


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