Wednesday, January 14

Project 365 Day 13

Sorry I am one day behind...
oh well I will probably [post today's picture either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Either way you'll get your fix of my wonderful picture taking abilities... ahem...

Anyway here is yesterday's
Day 13
So I was coming in the house the other night and this cute little tree popping out a planter!
Yeah for new life and no more snow!

Anyway on a different note, please pray for Travis' grandpa. He is going into surgery to get some of his intestines removed. We are worried about his heart and hope he makes it through. This is tough on all of us so any extra thoughts or prayers for him would be appreciated.
He loves those toys that make noise. What a cutie. 
Him and his wife. That man is too funny and needs to be around longer. 
Thank you.


  1. I hope the surgery goes well. He's in my thoughts and prayers!!

  2. Love the picture! Grandpa is in our thoughts and prayers!


  3. Will add you all to my prayer list.
    I push all the buttons on the displays that play music or moves at the stores - So I know how he feels!! I finally got your tag up -
    Thanks for the oppurtunity to play.

  4. I am glad to hear surgery went well. Here's to your grandpa getting out of the hospital soon. Healthy!


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