Monday, January 19

The Party Animal

Sorry I've been absent the last few days.

Travis' parents have been out of town and we've been enjoying each other company.

SO I have been lacking in the post department.

But I have been keeping up on my project 365..

Here they are.... in all their glory

Day 16
This statue is in my In-Laws front yard and I love it.
Its so angelic.
I don't know why but I find it very peaceful.
Day 17
The party animal himself...
Charlie in my High Heels
He was busy eating his bowl of chicken and cream cheese sauce
when Travis slipped those on him
He seriously stayed like that for a good 3 minutes.

Day 18
It was sunny for the first time in about 2 weeks.
I was stoked.
But I love this tree, I think its called Japanese Willow
The way the sun light was hitting was majestic.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Travis' Grandfather.
He doing great.
The only concern now is infection. Cross your fingers.
Thank you


  1. hahahahaaa!! omg seeing a HUGE german sheppard in high heels is the funniest thing in the world =]

  2. Im totally wishing I did this now. and LOVE the pic of the dog in shoes

  3. Charlie in heels..Priceless!

    You are so good at your 365!

  4. I'm glad he's doing better. I love the picture of Charlie in heels. And I love the Brad Paisley song that was playing on here--She's Everything! Have you ever heard his "Little Moments"?

  5. That dog pic made me laugh out loud!!! ;) Good job & quick snapping! Haha!

  6. LOVE the photos!!!
    Thanks so much for the wonderfully sweet comment you left on my totally made my day =)

  7. The photo of your dog in your heels literally made me laugh out loud. How hilarious!!!

  8. OMGosh! I love the pic of the dog in heels! That is too funny!


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