Friday, January 30

Look- A-Like

So its odd to me that so many people tell me that I look like so many different people.

I work at Costco, in the food court, I wear one of those neat hats and hair nets, so I think its even stranger that people peg me as looking like someone else under all that.

Here are a few reference pictures of me for you.

Anyway I have kind kept a mental list of who people think I look like.

The first one. I have one customer actually call me her name (we have name tags). I think while working there I have been told I look like her at least once a month.
So the first one:
Bernadette Peters
I personally don't think I look anything like her. But oh well. Maybe its the nose.

Second one from work that I've gotten recently:

Anne Hathaway

I think maybe its the eyes.
Third one from work: I've only gotten her once at work. But I've gotten her other times before elsewhere.

Kiera Knightley
Fourth one not from work. When I was in school I was told I looked like her.
The Teacher from Billy Madison.
Fifth..was a friend of mine. I don't think I look anything like her. It actually offends me, but I will post it anyway.
Jody Foster
Sixth, this who my husband says I look like. When his friends would ask him, what I looked like he would say her. No one disagreed.
Courtney Thorne-Smith

Do YOU have people that think you like someone else? If so tell me about it, or blog about it and share the link!


  1. I used to get Jenna Von Oy a know....Six from Blossom. That was back in highschool/college though.

    I totally see the Billy Madison teacher.....I think her name is Bridgette Somthing

  2. I think quite honestly you look like a mixture of two or three of the ones you mentioned. And you're a dead ringer for one of my bestest friends...her hair is darker than yours but I swear you could be twins! Crazy.

  3. @ misadventurous Mommy- Do you have a picture of your best friend?

  4. I think you do look like Kiera Knightley! Those a great photos:)

  5. Darling blog.

  6. oooo i think you have anne hathaways eyes! or she has yours... =] but mostly i think u look like my shaybug!

  7. I think you look a little like each of them. But I don't see the Jodie Foster thing AT ALL! I get Trisha Yearwood on occasion....although my celebrity look-alike says Katie Couric. I do NOT see that one!! :)


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