Monday, January 12

Project 365 Day 10, 11 and 12

Wow, Its been too long since I've posted!

Haha 3 days!

Oh my

I am addicted to this blogging business. Travis makes fun of me.

Oh well I like this little space of the internet I have and share with others.

I love all my bloggy buddies.

You all have some great insight and I love to read each and everyone one of ya'lls posts.

Anyway to update you on my Project 365 here they are!

Day 10

We had a department Holiday party. This is a lot of the people I work with not all but most of us.
Oh and that cute boxer is named Louis. He is so adorable.

Day 11
I gave Charlie a bath...
but silly me used Volumizing Shampoo...

yeah now is fur is all clumpy

Day 12
So it was rainy today and I snapped this one on the way to work. I thought it was so neat.
Very picturesque of the Northwest.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Shalee! I LOVE your title is so pretty and artsy.

    My husband used to make fun of me too, but then I started staying up past midnight to be the first one to comment on SITS and kept him awake with my frantic typing. He no longer thinks it's funny.

    I had to cut myself off for a while, be careful, it is VERY addicting...LOL!!

  2. I was busy all weekend & did not get to read everyones post and now I feel so "out of the loop". Trying to catch up though - So I know how you feel. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow that is a beautiful picture from today. It's such a pretty state to live in. :)

  4. That bottom picture looks like something straight out of Twilight.

  5. Your blog rocks! I love the picture of the woods..simply gorgeous! I am now happily hooked!


  6. Good morning!
    I just happened upon your blog from another blog :)
    I might just have to snag your idea of Project 365... would it count to start now, and go for 365 days!? Love your blog!

  7. Love the pictures my dear! The holiday party looked like a lot of fun! You're become a very good photographer :).

    Congrats with sticking with it! I'm trying miss a day here and there. Does pictures that others take and posted on my blog count? LOL



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